Dear Diary...
hey i'm chris, 26, from vienna

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hahaha… i was looking for a picture that describes my … well, let me call it -dislike- of the human species… but then i realized… they’re all made by humans… and i don’t think even a single fucking percent of the “makers” know what the heck Misanthropy really means… so… here i am… typing this piece of shit text i hope noone’s gonna read EVER…

i can’t nearly put my hatred into words… so i stop this now….

I’m finding hope within HATRED - a reason to persist, to push past everything
taylor momsen | Tumblr unter We Heart It.
What can you take from me when there’s not a single fucking day i haven’t fought to stay alive

MiW - Devil’s Night

this song describes me best..

I feel nothing at all believe me unter We Heart It.
i changed my viewings

i started with “i hate people”, went on with “i hate humanity”, changed to “i don’t want anybody to be hurt like i am”, went on with “i wanna do good”…

but you know… after all…. FUCK THIS… fuck this fucked up planet… fuck this world… fuck humanity… fuck life… noone’s fucking worth living…. i hope we’re all gonna bee eradicated soon!